About Hayloft Healthy Vending
Our story is simple. We believe that good health and smart choices are key to feeling good and having fun. And while health is important to us and our family, we are not health "fanatics". We are proud to offer a health-oriented service to those that choose it, but we believe in individual choices and moderation.

We also believe that healthy vending goes a long way toward establishing our clients - in the eyes of their employees and customers - as forward thinking organizations that value health and well being. Our clients agree. 

And while our approach to vending is progressive, our approach to service - and how we run our business - is old fashioned. We believe strongly in the basics.

We do what we say we'll do.
We listen, then speak.
We follow through, and then follow up.
We return phone calls and answer emails.
Perhaps most important, we never forget what it's like to be the customer.
Our goal for Hayloft Healthy Vending is to continue to build a succesful business by offering a valuable service that we can be proud of - and to have fun doing it. Period. Everything else falls in the category of details.

Yes, we truly believe it's that simple; and, yes, doing business with Hayloft Healthy can truly be that enjoyable.

Kim and Steve Seabury
Hayloft Healthy Vending
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